BX11 Multicalibre Oiled Walnut

BX11 Multicalibre Oiled Walnut

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New generation switch-barrel bolt action rifl e fi tted with a Bergara Barrel made of carbon steel AISI4140.Easily interchangeable barrel system that require no gunsmithing to fit.

The receiver is designed for different bolt heads which can be changed by the actual user without any tools.

These bolt heads have 6 lugs that engage directly into the barrel. The lugs allow for a 60-degree bolt-lift angle for swift and smooth locking and unlocking. (2 bolt heads for the different calibre groups).

Detachable steel magazine (4 magazines for the different calibre groups) and safety catch.

Adjustable trigger between 0,9 and 1,4kg.

Forend detachable without any tool.

Light or Varmint (Heavy Barrel)

Stock and forend available in american walnut with palisander inserts and black synthetic ‘soft touch'.

Some Calibres may be special order only - please contact our sales team for more information.


Calibre          Twist         Rifle Length      Barrel Length       Weight

.243 Win         1:10"           105 mm.            508 mm.              3 kg.
.270 Win         1:10"
7x64                1:10"
.308 Win         1:12"
30-06 Spr       1:10"
.300 Win         1:10"
8x57 JS          1:10"
8x68 S            1:10"
9.3x62            1:14"
.375 H&H       1:12"


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