About Us

RUAG Ammotec UK ltd distribute a wide selection of products to the retail trade and have recently expanded to include a retail website with a selection of products available direct from our online store, including Perazzi & RWS clothing and a range of accessories.

We As well as our core products base of Rottweil, RWS and Norma, RUAG UK also distributes a number of other prestigious brands, including Perazzi - manufacturer of the world's No. 1 competition shotgun. RUAG UK is their longest established distributor and the UK is the second largest market for this famous Italian name. In addition to this RUAG also import Bettinsoli shotguns, Anschutz rifles, GECO Optics, Sportsmatch & Tier One mounts and many more.

Founded in 1969 Leslie Hewett Ltd was formed to import and distribute Swedish Gytorp cartridges. Soon after, Leslie Hewett became involved with Dynamit Nobel and began the UK distribution of Rottweil cartridges and RWS ammunition, this product portfolio was later expanded to include Perazzi shotguns.

In 1981 Leslie Hewett Ltd was bought by Dynamit Nobel becoming a wholly owned subsidiary and the name changed to Dynamit Nobel UK ltd. In 2002 RUAG holdings purchased the ammunition section of Dynamit Nobel and we became RUAG Ammotec UK ltd.

We at RUAG Ammotec UK ltd employ ten people and distribute solely to the retail trade. With a client base of three hundred retail accounts and growing, RUAG UK is making a continuing effort to expand its ranges and really diversify the kind of products that it offers to the retail trade.

RUAG have a growing image within the media and through sponsored events have initiated a great deal of press coverage. This will ensure that RUAG UK maintains its position as a leading UK distributor.

Service and commitment are the company's priority and with its impressive portfolio of products RUAG UK looks forward to facing the challenges of the future.