Docter Compact Binoculars

Docter Compact Binoculars
Docter Compact Binoculars

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Docter Compact BinocularsDocter Compact Binoculars


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The DOCTER®compact model range comprises modern compact binoculars equipped with leading-edge optical systems in typical DOCTER® quality.

Characterised by a compact design offering a consistently high degree of convenience of operation and observation, DOCTER®compact binoculars are indispensable companions while travelling or working, during leisure time, in nature or at sport and open-air events.

DOCTER®compact binoculars are faithful companions any time and any place. They are easy to stow away in a pocket and just as convenient to carry on the belt - always ready to hand for a gaze into the distance.

Some products may be a special order only - please check with our sales team for more details.

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