K 624i

K 624i
K 624i

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K 624iK 624i


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Please note: Whilst we endeavour to hold the most popular models/reticle in stock, some scopes may at times be out of stock in our warehouse - in this instance we will contact you with an estimated delivery date from the manufacturer before proceeding with your order alternatively to get an estimated delivery date before ordering please use our email form: CLICK HERE

KAHLES AMV coatings
Optimized KAHLES AMV coatings realize nearly loss-free transmission in the critical spectral range of light (about 520 nanometers). This allows to extract the very smallest reserves of light during the lowest light shooting conditions.Complex optical designs
Complex optical designs with up to four objective lenses creates an unprecedented distortion-free image with an extremely wide, edge-defined field-of-view.Housing
Extremely durable housing machined by state-of-the art production methods from a single piece of high-grade material.Adjustment Mechanism
Extremely precise adjustment mechanism creates absolute repeatability.Ocular
Wide angle ocular with safe eye relief optimized for excellent viewing comfort and quick acquisition.Reticle
Robust etched glass reticle in second image plane does not change size with increased magnification. A decisive advantage at a long distance for the long shot.

Available with a Mil3, Mil4, Mil6 or MSR reticle.

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