8 x 57 JS

8 x 57 JS

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This cartridge was derived from the older 8x57I by increasing the bullet diameter from 0.318 to 0.323" (from 8.08 to 8.20 mm), and adding an to the designation. It was introduced in 1905, and soon found the approval of hunters. It is a first-class cartridge for distances up to around 180 meters, and ideal for hunting in the woods and for driven hunts. The 8x57IS is also an excellent cartridge for hoofed game in Central Europe, where it can also shine as a universal cartridge. With this cartridge, haemotoma damage to the meat is usually less than with faster cartridges in smaller calibers.

RCF2123495 - DK/TWIN CORE 181G
RCF2316201 - EVO 201G
RCF2318327 - EVO GREEN 139G
RCF2117916 - HMCHP 187G
RCF2119226 - ID CLASSIC 198G

Note to dealers: Some rounds may be special order only. Available Subject to Health and Safety approval - please check with our sales team.

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