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This cartridge was developed in 1903, and the dimensions were finalized in 1906, the year in which it was adopted as the standard military cartridge by the USA (as "Ball Cartridge, Caliber .30, Model of 1906"). It soon became popular for hunting and target shooting. Today it is probably the most popular universal caliber, which has been used for hunting all possible types of game around the world. The useful range is up to about 300 meters, and it is an outstanding all-rounder, very accurate with bullets from 9.7 to 13.0 grams, and universally applicable for hunting purposes. And even shooters who are sensitive to recoil can still handle the .30-06 Springfield.

RCF2117770 - CP 150G
RCF2117800 - CP 165G
RCF2117851 - DK/TWIN CORE 165G
RCF2315435 - EVO 184G
RCF2318324 - EVO GREEN 136G
RCF2117738 - HM 180G
RCF2117797 - ID CLASSIC 150G
RCF2119218 - UNI CLASSIC 181G
RCF2314703 - UNI CLASSIC 201G
RCF2318843 - HIT 165G
RCF2401206 - SPEED TIP PRO 165G 

Note to dealers: Some rounds may be special order only. Available Subject to Health and Safety approval - please check with our sales team.

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