6.5 x 68

6.5 x 68

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The 6.5x68 was presented as a high-power cartridge as early as 1940. With the 6 gram soft-point spitzer it is possible to achieve a velocity of 1150 m/sec. So the 6.5x68 is a really fast cartridge with a very flat trajectory and especially suited for very long shots. The 8.2 gram KS bullet is suitable as a universal bullet in the high-velocity 6.5x68. This cartridge is predestined for mountain hunts for chamois, Ibex, lighter moufflons or Scottish red deer. The 6.5x68 can produce outstandingly accurate shots.

RCF2117215 - CP 127G
RCF2117185 - SPP 93G

Note to dealers: Some rounds may be special order only. Available Subject to Health and Safety approval - please check with our sales team.

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