Special Trap

Special Trap

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Regardless of whether for competition or training the special series always offers an economic alternative with it's large choice of various shot weights and shot strengths. Sutiable for all sports shooting application areas. 12mm Brass head. 70mm case length. plastic wad. lead shot.

All shot sizes quoted are UK, but our cartridges are made in Germany and the shot size printed on the box is continental - When ordering please make sure you have made the correct conversion.

Note to dealers: for carriage and discount information please see your price list.

DN2316929 - 8 Shot, 12 bore, 24g load HV

DN2316930 - 7.5 Shot, 12 Bore, 24g Load HV

DN2319104 - 7.5 shot, 12 bore, 24g load

DN2319217 - 8 shot, 12 bore, 24g load

DN2315063 - 7.5 shot, 12 bore, 28g load

DN2403481 - 8 shot, 12 bore, 28g load HV

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