.22 Pistol Match SR

.22 Pistol Match SR
.22 Pistol Match SR

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.22 Pistol Match SR.22 Pistol Match SR


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The RWS PISTOL MATCH SR offers an optimal mix of hardly noticeable recoil and very good and soft shooting performance. Due to a very uniform burning rate, it produces an identical, slight muzzle jump. There is a reduced short muzzle flash. This cartridge is softer due to less primer ignition material and a new propellant powder.


Type of weapon - Pistol, Target pistol, Standard pistol, Rapid fire pistol, Free pistol
Calibre - .22 l.r.
Lead bullet - 2.60 g
V0 - 260 m/s
Barrel length - 130 mm
Packing unit - 50 Pcs

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