Hausken JD224

Hausken JD224

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Hausken sound moderators are manufactured in Norway in hard-anodised, high quality aluminium for durability. Each moderator has two main parts. The baffles are machined from a solid aluminium bolt, 35mm, 45mm, 55mm or 70mm in diameter. Each moderator is fitted with an 18x1mm thread but, using the unique Hausken barrel nut conversion system, the thread is adapted to suit your rifle.


Total Length

Over Barrel

Diameter Inside Baffles/Calibres Available
6.5mm - .22/222/223/22-25
7.5mm - 6.5/243
8.5mm - 7mm/270/.30/.308
9.1mm - 8mmS
9.5mm - 338
10.5mm - 375/9.3


Decibel Reduction
31dB - 37dB

Over Barrel/Reflex


Gary Thatcher said...
"This has got to be the best moderator I have ever used. My .223 Ruger is now just a bit louder then my .17 HMR. Other shooters on the range have been amazed by this piece of kit"
Star Rating 5

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