Match 64: 1516 D HB Classic .22 WMR

Match 64: 1516 D HB Classic .22 WMR
Match 64: 1516 D HB Classic .22 WMR

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Match 64: 1516 D HB Classic .22 WMRMatch 64: 1516 D HB Classic .22 WMR


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Luxus repeater of the series 1516:
The models of the series 1516 in cal. .22 Win. Mag. R.F. have a long tradition at ANSCHÜTZ. This classic caliber with a bullet diameter of 5.5 mm was launched by Winchester in 1959. It is extraordinarily suitable to be used for small animals up to the size of a fox at a distance of up to 100 m.

At this model of the series Match 64 modifications were carried out in the area of the receiver. The external diameter was enlarged from 25 mm to 26 mm. This modification entails some advantages. The weight of the receiver was increased by 12 % which makes the barreled action more rigid. In addition the locking surface is enlarged by 15 % which leads to even more safety for the shooter when firing the shot. The new shape of the receiver will be continued in the firing pin nut which makes the system more elegant. In addition the old engraving on the upper side of the prism has been replaced by the more attractive „Wave-Style".

Classic stock:
Classic straight hunting stock of colored and lacquered walnut wood without cheek piece, checkering at pistol grip and fore-end, black butt plate and studs for sling swivel.

The ANSCHÜTZ SOFT-Grip coating offers best grip during wetness, frost and heat. The ANSCHÜTZ SOFT-Grip stocks combine the outstanding, vibration damping and recoil absorbing characteristics of a naturally grown wooden stock with the characters of an easy-care and weatherproof plastic stock. The ANSCHÜTZ SOFT-Grip stocks emphasize their strength especially in rainy weather as then they develop a maximum grip. The thickness of the SOFT-Grip coating is approx. 70-80 mikron.


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