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X Trail Small Calibre
Small calibre variants of the famous X Trail range. All feature 3 inch chambers.
See image 3 for list of available options. Please note: Engraving designs may be subject to change by the manufacturer without advance notice.  
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Crypto Extra Luxe
12G, 3" chambers, 28" or 30", multi-choke BSGCE28C - Extra Luxe 12G 28"BSGCE30C - Extra Luxe 12G 30"BSGCE28CL - Extra Luxe 12G 28" Left HandBSGCE30CL - Extra Luxe 12G 30" Left HandBSGCE28C/20 - Extra Luxe 20G 28"BSGCE30C/20 - Extra Luxe 20G 30"BSGCE30CL/20 - Extra Luxe 20G 30" Left Hand
Crypto Extra Luxe Lite
12G, 3" chambers, 28" or 30", multi-choke BSGCEL28C - Extra Luxe Lite 12G 28"BSGCEL30C - Extra Luxe Lite 12G 30"BSGCEL28CL - Extra Luxe Lite 12G 28" Left HandBSGCEL30CL - Extra Luxe Lite 12G 30" Left HandBSGCEL28C/20 - Extra Luxe Lite 20G 28"BSGCEL30C/20 - Extra Luxe Lite 20G 30"BSGCEL30CL/20 - Extra Luxe Lite 20G 30" Left Hand  
Diamond Line
28" O/U 3" Chambers. The Bettinsoli Diamond Line is the entry level model to this superb range of shotguns. Featuring a classically engraved action & single selective trigger ejector as standard. Multi choke barrels, steel proofed. The gun is supplied in a hard case. New profile recoil pad system. BSGD28CP -28"BSGD28CPL - 28" Left/HBSGD28CP12A -28" Adjustable stockBSGD30CP - 30"BSGD30CPL - 30"...
Diamond Line De Luxe (Sideplate)
28" O/U 3" Chambers. Bettinsoli's Diamond Line Deluxe sideplate with multi choke barrels, steel -proofed. This elegant shotgun features a profusely engraved sideplate inlaid with a gold game scene. Selected walnut and traditional build quality has made this a firm favorite with the shooting press and shooters alike. New profile recoil pad system. Cased. BSGDDL28CP -28"BSGDDL28CPL -28" Left/HandBSGDDL30CP...
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New Type (Steel proofed models)
To fit steel proof Bettinsoli models Cyl, 1/4, 1/2 - Steel shot proofed3/4, F - Lead only Beretta thread 12G Flush Fit - D/Line, D/Line DeLuxe, Supersport12G Pro-Choke (silver) - 10mm Extended D/Line, D/Line DeLuxe, Supersport  
Old Type (Pre Steel proof)
To fit Pre steel proof Bettinsoli models Bettinsoli Thread 12G Flush Fit - D/Line, D/Line DeLuxe, Silver line20G Flush Fit - Silverline12G Pro-Choke - 10mm Extended D/Line, D/Line DeLuxe, Supersport
Pro-File Recoil Pads
New Type - Cyl, ¼, ½, = Steel Shot Proofed. ¾, F = Lead Only - 11mm, 17mm, 25mm