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RWS Logo Ladies Polo Shirt
Fitted Blue Polo t-shirt with RWS logo embroidered in silver. Sizes are approximate: S - Uk 10M - UK 12L - UK 14
£18.07inc VAT

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Black cotton RWS cap
£24.00inc VAT

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RWS Logo Polo Shirt
Navy or royal blue Polo t-shirt with RWS logo embroidered in silver.
£18.07inc VAT

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RWS Special Edition
This exclusive special series, consisting of 30 precision RWS rifle cartridges, a real rarity. Each individual component, from the ignition cap through the case and powder to the projectile, has been carefully selected, controlled, refined and then precision-finished by hand. The optimum tuning of components assures top internal and external ballistic values and thus guarantees maximum precision and...
Silver Selection
Flash Control: for less muzzle flash. The flash control technology of the silver selection is an innovation, RWS have succeeded in reducing the muzzle flash to a minimum. This enables the hunter, even in total darkness, to maintain a better sight overview. Even the usage of the Silver Selection during daylight has been further improved and the performance optimised. The Silver Selection is one of the...
.22 LR HV Solid
The RWS HIGH VELOCITY was developed for hunting small-sized game. Due to the higher velocity - it achieves a noticeable plus of 80 m/s - thissmall-calibre ammunition is especially effective. It is suitable for long guns and barrel inserts. The cartridge has a copper-coated lead bullet. R2132486
.22 LR HV HP
The RWS HIGH VELOCITY HP stands out due to its especially high penetration.On the one hand due to the noticeable plus in velocity of 80 m/s and on the other hand due to the copper-coated lead bullet with hollow point. For this reason, this small-calibre ammunition is especially recommended for hunting small game and varmints. R2132494 Note: for carriage this items comes under our "expanding" heading.
.22 LR Subsonic HP
The RWS SUBSONIC HP is a special cartridge for low-noise shooting. The bullet velocity stays distinctly below the sound barrier - consequently there is no sonic boom. For this reason, this rimfire cartridge is very well suited for weapons with silencers. It offers similar good shooting performance as a standard cartridge, but with significantly less noise. Due to the hollow tip, this ammunition achieves...
.22 LR Z Low Power
The RWS Z LANG rimfire cartridge was specially developed for short-range rifle shooting.It distinguishes itself in a relatively low velocity. As a result, indoor training with this ammunition is also possible without ear protection. Since it shoots so smoothly and quietly, it is also called "indoor cartridge". R2132753 Please note: for carriage this item comes under our expanding heading.
.22 Magnum SP
The RWS MAGNUM SP is especially effective when used for hunting. The soft-point lead bullet reaches an extremely high velocity and in combination with the hollow tip it guarantees very high energy release in the target. This small-calibre ammunition has an extended trajectory of up to 100 m and is very suitable for hunting small game, predator game and varmints. R2133075 Please note: for carriage...
.22 LR R100 Match
The RWS R 100 is the preferred cartridge of many internationally successful sport shooters. High velocities in the supersonic range and excellent precision make the RWS R 100 the first choice for silhouette shooting with rifles and pistols. Suitable at 50 and 100 m. R2134195
.22 LR R50 Match
The RWS R 50 is the cartridge of choice of numerous Olympic champions and world record holders. Due to the special manufacturing process, an unparalleled degree of precision and reliability is being achieved. Every lot is repeatedly checked and thoroughly tested for ballistics, gas pressure and circle of dispersion. Series by series with perfectly tuned components. This way, velocity fluctuations are...
.22 LR Special Match
RWS SPECIAL MATCH rimfire cartridges stand out due to their excellent quality - very close to the R 50 - optimizes the hit ratio in training and competition.The RWS SPECIAL MATCH is especially suited for the whole range of small-calibre rifles as well as free pistols, sport and standard pistols. R2134233C
.22 LR Rifle Match
The RWS RIFLE MATCH is a special cartridge for rifles. It has an optimal development of velocity and a very good performance. R2134225
.22 Pistol Match SR
The RWS PISTOL MATCH SR offers an optimal mix of hardly noticeable recoil and very good and soft shooting performance. Due to a very uniform burning rate, it produces an identical, slight muzzle jump. There is a reduced short muzzle flash. This cartridge is softer due to less primer ignition material and a new propellant powder. R2317799
.22 Pistol Match
The RWS PISTOL MATCH was developed in cooperation with renowned shooters. It stands out due to its soft shooting development and thus ensures less strain on the arm muscles. This rimfire cartridge is especially suited for sport and standard pistols at 25 m. With that, it achieves high precision with a safe functioning. A further advantage is its price/performance ratio. R2132443
.22 LR Target Rifle
The RWS TARGET RIFLE offers unrivalled characteristics as the universal cartridge for long guns. It reaches its consistently good shooting performance due to its constant velocity.Universal cartridge with unbeatable quality. Uniform outstanding shot performance. Balanced velocity. R2132478
.22 LR Target Pistol
The RWS TARGET PISTOL rimfire cartridge is very accurate and reliable. It also works perfectly fine in sensitive pistols and ensures a smooth training procedure. This reasonably priced small-calibre ammunition from RWS is very good for training with high shooting frequencies. R2132710
.22LR Semi-Auto
In response to customer demand for a consistently functioning .22lr round for Semi-automatic rifles and pistols RWS have launched their new, and aptly named, Semi Auto ammunition. The price is competitive enough for plinkers and has been tested in the UK by several dealers through everything from a Ruger 10/22 to the military style semi autos and long barrel pistols giving the accuracy and consistency...
.22 Club
The RWS CLUB is the entrance to the world of RWS precision ammunition. With many long guns and pistols this rimfire cartridge brings excellent performance and achieves satisfactory precision results. This makes it an ideal cartridge for beginners and all shooters, who want to go easy on their training budget. R2132885
Centrefire Bolt holder
Black or Brown leather Close Top bolt holder featuring RWS Logo Black - SZ6511Brown - SZ6512
Deluxe Leather Stalkers Belt Pouch
Deluxe leather bullet pouch, featuring the RWS logo. Holds 10 Rounds. Fits neatly on your belt. S659DL
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