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9.3 x 72 R (Case)
9.3 x 72 R (Case)
Manufactured from highest quality brass and subject to the most stringent quality controls.HL2145111

Field Display KitField Display Kit
Field Display Kit
Dealer Pack 10,000 Pellets
Popular airgun pellet with ribbed tail section for ambitious hobby shooters. It is its combination of balanced properties and favourable price that make it so attractive. The RWS Hobby is also suitable for plinking and the hunting use. Calibre: .177 / 4.5mmWeight Gr: 7grDiameter: 4.5mmTin Qty: 500Inner: 5000Outer: 25000 Calibre: .22 / 5.5mmWeight Gr: 11.9grDiameter: 5.5mmTin Qty: 500Inner:...

The RWS HYPERDOME is a very light pellet with a bulldog head shape and excellent penetration power. Due to its low weight, it is faster than comparable standard products of the respective calibre. It has a technically highly developed tin alloy and a brilliant high-speed finish. This new development from RWS is completely lead-free, and as a result environmentally friendly and protects the barrel....
Coming soon from RWS - The new RWS HYPERMATCH is the first air rifle pellet in the RWS Premium Line to be made of tin, which also makes it the lightest. It retains the classic match diabolo shape and is intended for shooters who desire or are required for training or competition to use a lead-free pellet. Calibre: .177 / 4.5mmWeight Gr: 5.1grDiameter: 4.5mmTin Qty: 250Inner: 2500Outer: 25000

The RWS HYPERMAX is a lead-free ultralight high-velocity pellet with very good precision and performance for field target competitions and hunting. It achieves an up to 30 % higher velocity than standard products in the same calibre. Together with its conical head shape, this guarantees an excellent penetration power. Its brilliant high-speed finish is especially environmentally friendly. It is suitable...
RWS Meisterkugeln are highly accurate air pistol pellets for performance-oriented sport shooters. Essential improvements in the manufacturing techniques have led to a noticeable quality improvement and thus to even higher precision. Furthermore, new material compositions and optimised surface treatment guarantee a permanently light and shiny appearance of the diabolo pellets. With RWS, the dimension...

Power BallPower Ball
Power Ball
Its characteristics make this diabolo pellet the first choice for hunting small animals (varmints) with a small-calibre rifle or for silhouette shooting. The main advantage of this construction is the high penetration effect in the target. Calibre: .177 / 4.5mmWeight Gr: 9.4grDiameter: 4.5mmTin Qty: 200Inner: 1200Outer: 12000
Power PiercingPower Piercing
Power Piercing
With the new POWER PIERCING, RWS is offering a versatile pellet that stands out due to its high energy release in the target. Its special shape makes the difference. With this, it is on the one hand best suitable for hunting varmints, or on the other hand for silhouette shooting in the area of sports. Calibre: .177 / 4.5mmWeight Gr: 9grDiameter: 4.5mmTin Qty: 200Inner: 1200Outer: 12000 Calibre:...

Introducing the heaviest RWS pellet of all time - RWS Powerbolt Calibre: .177 / 4.5mmWeight Gr: 14.2grDiameter: 4.5mmTin Qty: 150Inner: 900Outer: 9000 Calibre: .22 / 5.5mmWeight Gr: 23.2grDiameter: 5.5mmTin Qty: 100Inner: 600Outer: 6000
R10 MatchR10 Match
R10 Match
Following intensive development work, RWS has introduced a special production and control process for the RWS R 10 Match pellets. Selected material properties, tight production tolerances, professional shooting tests and careful packaging and identification processes all lead consistently to the new top quality of RWS R 10 Match pellets. The precise production guarantees absolute dimensional accuracy...

Super FieldSuper Field
Super Field
The RWS SUPER FIELD is a medium-weight airgun pellet with a round head, which can be specifically used with pre-charged pneumatic airguns. It is very accurate and powerful and achieves high penetration power and depth. For this reason, it is ideally suited for field target shooting and use in hunting airguns. Calibre: .177 / 4.5mmWeight Gr: 8.3grDiameter: 4.51mm / 4.52mmTin Qty: 500Inner: 5000Outer:...
Super H PointSuper H Point
Super H Point
The RWS SUPER-H-POINT 0.45 g airgun pellet is a smooth diabolo pellet with a hollow point. Due to its high deformation readiness, it guarantees very good penetration power and maximum shock effect with the game. Perfectly suitable for hunting airguns. Calibre: .177 / 4.5mmWeight Gr: 6.9grDiameter: 4.5mmTin Qty: 500Inner: 5000Outer: 25000 Calibre: .22 / 5.5mmWeight Gr: 14.2grDiameter: 5.5mmTin...

Super Point ExtraSuper Point Extra
Super Point Extra
The RWS SUPERPOINT EXTRA 0.53 g is a medium-weight, smooth airgun pellet with a conical head shape. As a result, it achieves high penetration power and depth. This makes it a very popular airgun pellet for hunting. The optimized weight distribution ensures high precision. Calibre: .177 / 4.5mmWeight Gr: 8.2grDiameter: 4.5mmTin Qty: 500Inner: 5000Outer: 25000 Calibre: .22 / 5.5mmWeight Gr: 14.5grDiameter:...
The RWS SUPERDOME airgun pellet has the so-called English bulldog shape with a round head. It is ribbed. Its shape of construction allows high penetration power and depth. The pellet is convincing due to best precision even at long distance. This airgun pellet is suitable for spring-powered airguns and many weapons with compressed air cylinders (air tanks) for hunting. Calibre: .177 / 4.5mmWeight...

The extra-heavy RWS SUPERMAG in wadcutter optic clearly distinguishes itself from all the rest of the RWS airgun pellets due to its higher pellet weight. It is especially suitable for the shooting with powerful airguns. It ensures small and round shot groups in target shooting and is also suited for hunting varmints. Calibre: .177 / 4.5mmWeight Gr: 9.3grDiameter: 4.5mmTin Qty: 500Inner: 5000Outer:...
Calibre: .177 / 4.5mmWeight Gr: 7grDiameter: 4.5mmTin Qty: 500Inner: 5000Outer: 25000

Diablo Basic
Diablo Basic
Calibre: .177 / 4.5mmWeight Gr: 7grDiameter: 4.5mmTin Qty: 500Inner: 5000Outer: 25000
Calibre: .177 / 4.5mmWeight Gr: 8.2grDiameter: 4.5mmTin Qty: 500Inner: 5000Outer: 25000

.22 LR -  Club.22 LR -  Club
.22 LR - Club
Dealer Box Quantity 5000

6.5 Creedmoor
6.5 Creedmoor
20 rounds per box
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