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9.3 x 72 R (Case)
9.3 x 72 R (Case)
Manufactured from highest quality brass and subject to the most stringent quality controls.HL2145111

Field Display KitField Display Kit
Field Display Kit
Dealer Pack 10,000 Pellets
Dealer Pack 20,000 Pellets

Dealer Pack 15,000 Pellets
Dealer Pack 25,000 Pellets

Dealer Pack 15,000 Pellets
Dealer Pack 25,000 Pellets

Power BallPower Ball
Power Ball
Dealer Pack 12,000 Pellets
Power PiercingPower Piercing
Power Piercing
Dealer Pack 6,000 Pellets

Dealer Pack 6,000 Pellets
R10 MatchR10 Match
R10 Match
Dealer Pack 25,000 Pellets

Super FieldSuper Field
Super Field
Dealer Pack 20,000 Pellets
Super H PointSuper H Point
Super H Point
Dealer Pack 8,000 Pellets

Super Point ExtraSuper Point Extra
Super Point Extra
Dealer Pack 20,000 Pellets
Dealer Pack 8,000 Pellets

Dealer Pack 25,000 Pellets
Dealer Pack 25,000 Pellets

Diablo Basic
Diablo Basic
Dealer Pack 25,000 Pellets
Dealer Pack 25,000 Pellets

.22 LR -  Club.22 LR -  Club
.22 LR - Club
Dealer Box Quantity 5000

.22 Hornet.22 Hornet
.22 Hornet
Calibre - This cartridge, which has been available since 1930, is based on an older black powder cartridge the.22 WCF (Winchester Center Fire). It is outstandingly suited for barrel adapters in combination guns, since it does not place a particularly large stress on the chamber. It is therefore often the maximum caliber that can be used for barrel adapters in older It is popular because of the low...

.222 Rem.222 Rem
.222 Rem
Caliber - This cartridge was introduced in 1950 and represents a new development from the Remington drawing board. The low-recoil, high-precision cartridge was soon well established. It is used for bench rest shooting just as for hunting. In other words, it is popular as a cartridge for both target shooting and hunting. For hunting, the cartridge is best loaded with a 3.24 gram bullet. This produces...
.223 Rem.223 Rem
.223 Rem
Caliber - Originally, the .223 Rem. was the successor to the 7.62 Nato (.308 Win.) as a military cartridge. However, Remington brought it out almost immediately as a civilian cartridge. This cartridge, when loaded with a 3.56 gram bullet shows its best performance on roe deer and fox. The performance and hunting applications are practically identical to the.222 Rem, although the .223 Rem. is a bit...

.243 WIN.243 WIN
.243 WIN
The .243 Win. is based on the case of the .308 Win. Anyone who wants to carry a standard gun in a 6mm caliber should be well satisfied with the .243 Win. It is a very accurate cartridge that is good for use on roe deer and fox, and chamois in Austria (not permitted in Germany). It is, however, a load-sensitive cartridge. The .243 Win. provides a balanced performance for hunting these types of game....
.270 Win.270 Win
.270 Win
The performance data for the .270 WInchester are very balanced. It is a highly accurate cartridge that is quite pleasent to shoot. Nevertheles, this cartridge, which is based on the case of the .30-06 Springfield and was introduced in 1925, is not a cartridge for really large or even aggressive animals. It remains a cartridge for light to medium game from roe deer through chamois to moufflon. The .270...

.270 WSM.270 WSM
.270 WSM
The .270 WSM was introduced by Winchester as a member of the Short Magnum family in 2002, together with the 7mm WSM and .300 WSM. The .325 WSM was added some time later. This is a beltless cartridge, based on design features of the .404 Jeffery. As with the 6mm PPC, short, fat cases were utilized. The shoulder angle is 35 degrees. This cartridge has a larger internal volume than the somewhat longer...
.30R Blaser.30R Blaser
.30R Blaser
The .30R Blaser was developed as a joint project of the gun manufacturer Blaser and RWS. It was presented by RWS in 1991 as the first caliber .30 rimmed cartridge. The .30 R Blaser fulfilled the wish to be able to fire .30 cal. bullets out of all types of break-top guns. It is ideal for hunting in the mountains as well as being an all-round cartridge for Central European hunting grounds. Its area of...

.300 Win Mag.300 Win Mag
.300 Win Mag
This magnum was introduced in 1963, and has achieved worldwide success. Unlike other magnum cartridges, which up to then had been much longer, the .300 Win. Mag. has a short body, is very accurate, and is pleasant to shoot. Shots can be taken well beyond 300 meters. It goes beyond the useful range of the .30-06 Springfield. And like the .30-06, it is suitable for all types of medium to heavy hoofed...
.300 WSM.300 WSM
.300 WSM
The .300 WSM was the first member of the family of beltless Winchester Short Magnums. The design is based on the .404 Jeffery. It has a large-diameter case and short body length. This makes it possible for the .300 WSM to come close to the performance of the .300 Win. Mag. in short systems. The optimum case dimensions give the .300 WSM a high accuracy potential and a flat trajectory. The .300 WSM is...

This cartridge was developed in 1903, and the dimensions were finalized in 1906, the year in which it was adopted as the standard military cartridge by the USA (as 'Ball Cartridge, Caliber .30, Model of 1906'). It soon became popular for hunting and target shooting. Today it is probably the most popular universal caliber, which has been used for hunting all possible types of game around the world....
.308 Win.308 Win
.308 Win
This cartridge was the successor to the .30-06 as the standard US military cartridge. It was also adopted by NATO. It was almost immediately made available as a civil cartridge. The .308 is used not only in repeating rifles, but is also excellently suited to self-loading rifles. It is a highly precise cartridge, and eminently suited to long-distance target shooting. And as a hunting cartridge it is...

.338 Lapua Mag.338 Lapua Mag
.338 Lapua Mag
RCF2403863 - SPEED TIP PRO 250G
.375 H&H Mag.375 H&H Mag
.375 H&H Mag
The .375 H&H Magnum Is a belted cartridge that was developed by the English gunmakers Holland & Holland, and introduced in 1912. It is eminently suited to repeating rifles, but is also found in double-barrelled rifles. The .375 H&H Mag. Is an outstanding cartridge for hunting very big game abroad. It thus became a universal cartridge in Africa, especially for hunting plains game. Compared...
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