Doctersight II

Doctersight II

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Extrem compact
Parallax free
No magnification
Automatic brightness control

With a length of 46 mm and a height of 23.7 mm, the DOCTER®sight is the smallest reflection sight of the world.

The free space this creates for the marksman enhances both his activity and his convenience.

The single magnification permits a sighting with both eyes open. Thus, an as large as possible field of vision is available to the marksman, permitting fast target detection and a high degree of safety, especially during movement hunts. The quality of the brilliant image is further enhanced in that the point of aim is automatically adapted to the lighting conditions. A blinding effect in the dark or a fading in bright daylight conditions are therefore ruled out.

Adjusting spindles with limit stops facilitate the height and lateral adjustment. DOCTER® reflection sights are adjusted parallax-free up to 40 m. This guarantees accuracy even if the aiming position is taken up fast or in case of an angular view through the sight.

Tested stability up to a load of 1000 g permits the use of the DOCTER® sight for all calibre versions. Stainless steel, high-strength, hard anodised aluminium alloys as well as waterproof electronics are further quality features "Made in Germany".

It goes without saying that the different types and versions of weapons require corresponding mounting sizes. In order to guarantee the recoil-proofness, suitable mounting plates are available for all popular mounting versions. Thanks to their small height, DOCTER® reflection sights can be mounted on the weapon in an extremely flat manner.


Height adjustment range (cm/100 m) 720
Windage adjustment range (cm/100 m) 540
Cover width of light point(cm/100 m)

10 (at 3.5 MOA)
20 (at 7.0 MOA)

Parallax free viewing distance (m) 40
Electricity supply
1 x 3 V, CR2032 lithium battery
Dimensions (lenght x width x hight) (mm) 46 x 25.4 x 23.7


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