1770 Luxus Repeater .223 Rem

1770 Luxus Repeater  .223 Rem

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Model 1770 in Caliber .223 Rem

A010307 - German Stock

The ANSCHÜTZ Company, founded in 1856, is acknowledged as the world's leading producer of accurate target rifles. For the last 40 years, over 85% of Olympic small bore rifle medals and 95% of World Class Biathlon medals have been won by athletes shooting ANSCHÜTZ rifles. The experience of producing premium grade barrels and firearms for over 150 years, plus the dedication to uncompromising quality of this family owned, German company, explains why ANSCHÜTZ rifles are prized around the world as the "Rifle of Champions". The same care and quality is evident in ANSCHÜTZ hunting rifles, which are produced on the same machines, by the same people as their World Class competition firearms.

With the introduction of the totally new Model 1770 Hunting Repeater center fire rifle in .223 Rem., ANSCHÜTZ will be more strongly positioned than ever as the leading supplier of high performance, small bore rifles.

The Model 1770 incorporates a complete newly designed action, which is the first in over 30 years for ANSCHÜTZ and is developed from the ground up for center fire cartridges.

The six locking lug action provides a large locking surface for added strength and reliability. It also allows a short 60° bolt lift for fast and smooth loading. The action incorporates several pressure vents that redirect gas away from the shooter in case of cartridge failure.

The Match trigger, which has been successfully used in many ANSCHÜTZ Target rifles, is an adjustable, single stage trigger set at 1200 g / 2.5 pounds, but can be set by professional gunsmiths from 2 to 4.5 pounds. The hardened and finely polished trigger parts, along with the low part weight insure a crisp, repeatable trigger pull.

The medium target weight, 55 cm / 22 inch barrel is precision cold hammer forged and incorporates a recessed target crown. The rifle has a detachable three-shot, in-line magazine, insuring dependable loading. The receiver is machined with an 11 mm wide, grooved rail in the new Wave style and is additionally drilled and tapped for scope mounts.

Barrel Diameter: 18 mm
Length of dove tail: 160 mm
Weight (Stock): 1,3 kg

The cam cocking firing pin system prevents firing until the action has been fully closed. The safety locks both the firing pin and the sear. The one-piece firing pin also has a stop that prevents damage during dry firing.

German style Meister grade stock:
This Meister grade rifle has a select grade, oil finished Germany style walnut stock with semi-oval cheek piece and Schnabel fore-end. The stock has hand cut checkered panels on the grip and forearm, a rubber butt pad and detachable sling swivel studs.

wos. = Without Sights
D = Single Stage Trigger
E = Single Loader
G = Barrel Thread
HB = Heavy Barrel
KL = Folding Leaf Sight
FL = Fast Acquisition sight
L = Left Hand Version
MP = Multi Purpose
R = Repeater
Silh = Silhouette
ST = Double Set Trigger


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