Docter Basic 1-4x24

Docter Basic 1-4x24
Docter Basic 1-4x24

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Docter Basic 1-4x24Docter Basic 1-4x24


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DOCTERbasic 1-4x24 is perfect for battue and big-game hunting. The compact and lightweight design facilitate handling of the weapon, and with the variable magnification, up to 4 times, the hunter is well-equipped for any distance.

The single magnification allows aiming with both eyes open, which is a major benefit in battue. The large field of view and the high-contrast, brilliant, sharply defined image make it possible to maintain an overview of the situation and to keep a steady aim even when things get hectic.

The dimmable illuminated dot with intuitive controls can be optimally adjusted to any light conditions and the red color stands out against the game for easy aiming.

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Model - DOCTERbasic 1-4x24
Magnification - 1 - 4x
Ø Exit pupil (mm) - 15.0 - 6.0
Field of view (m/100 m) -  31.0 - 10.6
Twilight performance - 2.8 - 9.8
Adjustment per click (cm/100 m) -  2.0
Max. adjustment range (cm/100 m) - 320
Ø Central tube (mm) - 30

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