.222 REM

.222 REM

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.223 Rem in Oryx, Hornady V-Max, Soft point or FMJ.

Oryx means good accuracy, massive mushrooming and high residual weight. This bonded design suits the all-round hunter who wishes to simplify the choice of cartridge for hunting. Bonding involves soldering together the bullet jacket and core to produce a uniform structure preventing separation or fragmentation on impact, even after striking dense bone. Thanks to its excellent performance, in a very few years Oryx has become the most popular of the Norma bullets.

V-MAX is a so called varmint bullet, which means it is designed to expand very quickly. Its retained weight is minimal. V-MAX is developed for varmint, but works well for target shooting also, thanks to its excellent accuracy. The plastic tip improves ballistics and speeds up the expansion even more. A very popular round and twice winner of the IPC Media Trade Awards.

The Norma Soft Point is a conventional lead-tipped bullet for hunting smaller or larger thinner-skinned game where rapid and effective mushrooming is more important than high weight retention and penetration.

Norma manufactures FMJ bullets in the most popular calibers. Their excellent accuracy makes them suitable for competition, training and small game hunting. Norma ammunition is Scandinavia's favourite for bird hunting with rifles.

N15722 - FMJ 55G
N15705 - HORNADY V MAX 40G
N15704 - ORYX 55G
N15711 - SP 50G
N15716 - SP 62G
N15714 - TIPSTRIKE 54G

Note to dealers: Some rounds may be special order only. Available Subject to Health and Safety approval - please check with our sales team.

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