Sound Card for Game Caller

Sound Card for Game Caller

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Sound card to fit "Game Magnet" game caller.

Sound Card 2 - Fox, Vixen, Cubs, Magpie and Rabbit. (GAME 02/02)

Sound Card 3 - Crow, Magpie Chatter, Crow & Jackdaw, and Wood Pidgeon. (GAME 02/03)

Sound Card 4 - Fallow, Muntjac. Young Roe, Female Roe and Female Deer. (GAME 02/04)

Sound Card 5 - Pinkfoot, Canada, Graylag, Widgeon and Feeding Geese. (GAME 02/05)

Sound Card 6 - Red Deer. (GAME 02/06)

Sound Card 7 - Sika Deer. (GAME 02/07)


"Absolutely fantastic - deer calls were superb. Best Sika call i have ever used" - Steve Cox, Banbury Gunsmiths.

Please Note: It is illegal to use Game Callers for the use of attracting Birds for Hunting

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