.30R Blaser

.30R Blaser

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The .30R Blaser was developed as a joint project of the gun manufacturer Blaser and RWS. It was presented by RWS in 1991 as the first caliber .30 rimmed cartridge. The .30 R Blaser fulfilled the wish to be able to fire .30 cal. bullets out of all types of break-top guns. It is ideal for hunting in the mountains as well as being an all-round cartridge for Central European hunting grounds. Its area of application and its effectiveness are closely comparable with the .300 Win. Mag. The cartridge is comfortable to shoot and has a high intrinsic accuracy. The ingenious coordination between the Tombak jacket and core material provides flexible adaptation to the target resistance. Whether small or large game, the projectile mushrooms in a controlled manner and transfers energy uniformly into the game whilst still retaining an effectively enlarged residual body for exit. The external shape of the projectile provides ideal prerequisites for high precision and low air resistance.

RCF2117894 - DK/TWIN CORE 165G
RCF2316140 - EVO 184G
RCF2117835 - UNI CLASSIC 181G
RCF2318546 - EVO GREEN 136g

Note to dealers: Some rounds may be special order only. Available Subject to Health and Safety approval - please check with our sales team.

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