Special 32 Felt

Special 32 Felt

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This hunting shotgun cartridge series provides a great variety of shot sizes in all three calibres. The emphasis here has been laid on finer shot. The fibre wad combined with the H-wad, results in a particularly uniform, wide patterning and better hit rates for smaller game.

All shot sizes quoted are UK, but our cartridges are made in Germany and the shot size printed on the box is continental - When ordering please make sure you have made the correct conversion.

Note to dealers: for carriage and discount information please see your price list.

DN2316874 - 6.5 shot, 12 bore, 32g load
DN2316875 - 5 shot, 12 bore, 32g load
DN2316876 - 4 shot, 12 bore, 32g load
DN2316877 - 3 shot, 12 bore, 32g load

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