.22 LR R50 Match

.22 LR R50 Match
.22 LR R50 Match

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.22 LR R50 Match.22 LR R50 Match


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The RWS R 50 is the cartridge of choice of numerous Olympic champions and world record holders. Due to the special manufacturing process, an unparalleled degree of precision and reliability is being achieved. Every lot is repeatedly checked and thoroughly tested for ballistics, gas pressure and circle of dispersion. Series by series with perfectly tuned components. This way, velocity fluctuations are almost non-existent.
Ideal for the whole range of small-calibre rifles as well as free pistols, sport and standard pistols.


Caliber         Type                   Bullet          Velocity (m/s)
                                                                       V0     V50    V100
.22 lfB          RWS R 50           BR             330    295    270

Bullet              Bullet                Barrel               Impact Energy
weight (g)      weight (gr)        Length                 (Joule)
                                                                             E0       E50    E100
2.6                      40                    650                 142     113      95


Type of weapon - Rifle, Pistol, Free pistol
Calibre - .22 l.r.
Lead bullet - 2.60 g
V0 - 330 m/s
Barrel length - 650 mm
Packing unit - 50 Pcs

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