.22 LR HV Solid

.22 LR HV Solid
.22 LR HV Solid

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.22 LR HV Solid.22 LR HV Solid


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The RWS HIGH VELOCITY was developed for hunting small-sized game.
Due to the higher velocity - it achieves a noticeable plus of 80 m/s - this
small-calibre ammunition is especially effective. It is suitable for long guns and barrel inserts. The cartridge has a copper-coated lead bullet.


Caliber         Type                                       Bullet                      Velocity (m/s)
                                                                                                      V0      V50     V100
.22 lfB           RWS High Velocity              BR                          385    328     293

Bullet                Bullet                 Barrel                 Impact Energy
weight (g)        weight (gr)        Length                   (Joule)
                                                                              E0     E50    E100
2.6                       40                       650               193   140     112


Type of weapon - Auxiliary barrel, Long guns, Rifle
Calibre - .22 l.r.
Lead bullet - 2.60 g
V0 - 385 m/s
Barrel length - 650 mm
Packing unit - 50 Pcs.

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