5.6 x 50R Magnum

5.6 x 50R Magnum

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The creator of this cartridge, which was introduced in 1968, was the engineer G. Frères, who wanted to create a rimmed cartridge that was especially suitable for roe deer. This cartridge is roughly comparable with the .222 Rem. Mag. or .223 Rem. It is in effect a .222 Rem. that has been made about 7mm longer. Being a rimmed cartridge, it is predestined for top-break guns. It is an excellent cartridge for top-break rifles, bergstutzen (mountain carbines), superposed drillings or long barrel adapters. This cartridge shoots excellently with 3.24 to 4.1 gram bullets. It is very accurate, and can be used for hunting up to beyond 200 meters. It is primarily an outstanding cartridge for roe deer, with a high shock effect. There is no significant difference in the venison damage between the 3.24, 3.6 and 4.1 gram soft-point spitzer bullets. This cartridge is also very good for hunting fox, hare, large and small capercaillie and the like.

RCF2116502 - SP 63G

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