Silver Selection

Silver Selection
Silver Selection

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Silver SelectionSilver Selection


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Flash Control: for less muzzle flash. The flash control technology of the silver selection is an innovation, RWS have succeeded in reducing the muzzle flash to a minimum. This enables the hunter, even in total darkness, to maintain a better sight overview. Even the usage of the Silver Selection during daylight has been further improved and the performance optimised. The Silver Selection is one of the most technologically advanced cartridges in production today. With the ultimate in quality components, special powder and advanced loading techniques, the Silver Selection performs at a high level. Superclean: functioning in even the most extreme conditions The unique advantage of the super clean technology prevents harmful emissions arising in the close surrounding of the shooter. The primer is also required to function perfectly even in the most extreme temperature ranges. In critical situations the super clean technology prevents priming delays. The gold plated cap avoids corrosion.

Boxed in 20's

RCF2317211 - .30-06 EVO 184G
RCF2317543 - .30-06 UNI 181G
RCF2317212 - .300 Win Mag EVO 184G
RCF2317544 - .300 Win Mag UNI 181G
RCF2317210 - .308 Win EVO 184G
RCF2317542 - .308 Win UNI 181G
RCF2317215 - 9.3 x 62 EVO 290G
RCF2317216 - 9.3 x 74 R EVO 290G

Note to dealers: This is a special order item. Available Subject to Health and Safety approval - please check with our sales team.

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