.223 REM

.223 REM

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Caliber - Originally, the .223 Rem. was the successor to the 7.62 Nato (.308 Win.) as a military cartridge. However, Remington brought it out almost immediately as a civilian cartridge. This cartridge, when loaded with a 3.56 gram bullet shows its best performance on roe deer and fox. The performance and hunting applications are practically identical to the.222 Rem, although the .223 Rem. is a bit more powerful. It can be used up to 200 meters for hunting. It produces outstanding precision in self-loading rifles. And thanks to this accuracy, it is also an excellent target rifle cartridge.

Cartridge - A well-proven projectile type still favoured by many today. High to very high energy output in game. Somewhat stronger fragmentation, therefore exit holes are not always present. Very good stopping effect. Frequently used in battues because of the above reasons and because of a certain insensitivity to minor obstacles. With round or pointed projectile tip.

RCF2116472 - SP 55G

Note to dealers: Some rounds may be special order only. Available Subject to Health and Safety approval - please check with our sales team.

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