Bergara Premier Mountain

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Bergara Premier Mountain

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The Bergara Premier Series Mountain rifle features a 100% Carbon Fiber stock made to reduce weight to a meager 6.2 lbs - 6.4 lbs depending on the calibre. This is the perfect rifle to take deep into the woods or up mountains.

All Premier Series rifles are guaranteed to produce groups of 1.0 MOA or less at 100 yards with quality factory match grade ammunition.

Internal Box Magazine

BER BPR18-3006F - .30-06 Spr, 22"
BER BPR18-300WMF - .300 Win Mag, 24"
BER BPR18-270F - .270 Win, 22"
BER BPR18-308F - .308 Win, 22"
BER BPR18-65F - 6.5 Creedmoor, 22"


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