.458 Lott

.458 Lott

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The 458 Lott was introduced by Jack Lott in 1971. After having been injured by a buffalo in Mozambique, Lott wanted more than a 458 Winchester Magnum. To improve the 458 WM the Lott case was made three-tenths of an inch longer for more case capacity. The 458 WM cartridge can be used in firearms chambered for the 458 Lott and many African Professional Hunters now use the 458 Lott as their preferred round. A classic big game bullet with good mushrooming and penetration, the Woodleigh SP is loaded in archetypal big game cartridges and is designed for perfect regulation of double rifles.

N11114 - FMJ 550G
N11113 - RNSN 550G

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