EDX Binoculars

EDX Binoculars
EDX Binoculars

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EDX BinocularsEDX Binoculars


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Available in:

7x42 - DDO440100001
8x42 - DDO440100002
10x42 - DDO440100003
8.5x50 - DDO440100004
10x50 - DDO440100005
12x50 - DDO440100006


- DDlucid coating
- recommended for night hunting, stalk hunting &
nature observation
- sharp from1.4m
- very large field of view

Not only the smallest night-stalk binoculars but also one of the brightest binoculars with 42mm focal length worldwide. A field of view of 128m, perfect fringe acuity and a close focus setting range of under 2m these premium binoculars are not only suited for hunters, but also well suited to all nature lovers.



- DDlucid coating
- Recommended for twilight
- metal eyecups
- sharp from 1.4m
Not only perfect stalk hunt, but also extraordinarily suited for twilight & moonlight. These binoculars have bright & natural colour reproduction and amazing resolution. Ornithologists particularly enjoy the constant acuity up to the image fringes, large field of view, extremely low close focus setting range, the light weight and the small size of these binoculars.



- DDlucid coating
- Recommended for twilight & bird watching
- sharp from 1.4m
The EDX 10x42 is a true highlight for ornithologists, wildlife enthusiasts, hiking fans and hunters, with their 10x magnification, the close focus setting range of under 2m, small size and light weight. Adding to that is their brilliancy in colour reproduction and contrast, as well as the extremely large field of view for binoculars in this category.


- DDlucid coating
- recommended for night hunting & nature observation
- metal eyecups
- sharp from 2.4m
These premium binoculars offer an even higher luminosity (even under unfavourable lighting conditions) because of the large objective diameter of 50mm. For the hunter this means even brighter images as with 42mm binoculars of the EDX series.


- DDlucid coating
- recommended for bird watching & mountain hunt / hiking
- metal eyecups
- sharp from 2.4 m

The EDX 10x50 binoculars combine impressive optics, sharp fringes and functionality with image reproduction rich in contrasts and colour accurate on long distances. These brilliant premium binoculars are classically universal with extraordinary optical and ergonomical characteristics - focusing mechanics easy to operate, comfortable handling and a small weight with compact manufacturing.


- DDlucid coating
- Recommended for mountain hunt & bird watching
- sharp from 2.4m
- very high resolution

The EDX 12x50 are true specialist binoculars. With the 12x magnification and the brilliant DDlucid coating distant objects can be observed colour accurately, rich in contrasts and razor-sharply. These EDX premium binoculars combine a fantastic image quality, extremely high luminosity and an indescribable observation sensation.


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