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This rust-protected bolt action with cam cocking is used in our centerfire rifles. The exceptionally smooth action permits rapid and reliable functioning, a well-known trait in all ANSCHÜTZ match and sporting rifles. The one-piece firing pin has a defined end-stop area to prevent damage from dry firing. Lock up between the barrel and bolt is accomplished by a two-row, six-lug bolt (2x3) directly to the barrel, creating a locking surface of more than 70 mm2, allowing a quick, short 60° bolt throw. The matt black anodized receiver is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, incorporating the ANSCHÜTZ Wave Style pattern and is drilled and tapped for mounting telescopic sights. The cocking mechanism features gas vent holes, which in the event of cart-ridge failure, directs the gas safely to the side. For maximum precision, the barreled action on the Model 1781 is embedded in a massive aluminum action carrier with additional abutment. This sturdy stock-to-action connection ensures the highest level of repeat-ability during barrel replacement.

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