Anschutz 9015 Hunting Compressed Air

Anschutz 9015 Hunting Compressed Air

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An air rifle specially developed for hunting and training on the shooting range or out in the field, built from the highest quality materials, and capable of handling harsh field conditions and challenging hunting requirements. The ergonomic thumbhole stock is made of walnut and allows for an optimal grip and hand position for high-precision shooting. The newly developed high-power barreled action offers absolute precision and accelerates 10.5 grain diabolo pellets without recoil to an average velocity of 690 feet-per-second.
The 9015 Hunting works with 15 Joule and has a operating pressure from approx. 90 bar.

Transport  gun case MEGA, threaded adapter, accessory box with filling adapter, air release screw, special grease, tool set, safety discs, o-rings, moveable weights, manual with original test target.

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