Anschutz 9015A ONE Basic Benchrest

Anschutz 9015A ONE Basic Benchrest

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ANSCHÜTZ 9015 ONE BASIC BENCHREST is a target air rifle based on our successful 9015 ONE BENCHREST PRO model. The outstanding precision and various adjustment possibilities of the fore-end combined with the unrivaled target two-stage trigger 5065 4K are complimented with the newly developed rear section of the 9015 ONE BASIC stock. The solid and robust stock is equipped with the well-known and common ANSCHÜTZ butt plate and cheek piece adjustments which have been proven over many years.

The modular construction of the ONE-stock
The stock, including grip, can be separated from the fore-end in just a few seconds by simply releasing one screw. It can then be reassembled precisely without any play to form a 100 % rigid connection. This offers you the opportunity to change the ONE Basic rear section for the rear section of the 9015 ONE, allowing for even more adjustment possibilities and stock positions.

Depending on configuration (sight set, compressed air cylinder and grip) and additional: Sight riser block, transport  gun case MEGA and accessory box with filling adapter, air release screw, special grease, tool set, safety discs, o-rings,, manual with original test target.


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