Javelin Bipod - Long

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Javelin Bipod - Long

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The Javelin Bipod was created by a professional hunter; tired of carrying weighty bipods stuck to the rifle, he came up with the concept of fitting the bipod to the rifle only when needed.

Made using only the best materials on the market, it weighs less than your iPhone and is simply stored in your pocket or rifle sling until needed.
Unlike other bipods, the Javelin can actually be canted over and used to follow live game (swivel), two things that are so important for the professional.
Constructed by hand for serious hunters who do serious hunting and are serious about getting the job done right.
Lighter, Faster, Stronger
Made from light and ultra strong carbon fibre and 7075 aerospace aluminium so it weighs a fraction of regular bipods and is incredibly tough, our lightweight hunting bipod will function in any weather, in extreme temperatures, and covered in mud, sand or anything else you could throw at it. 
The Javelin Bipod uses rare earth magnets to connect the bipod to the rifle, so you can snap it on and off in seconds! No more noisy springs, no more scaring away your target.
Even better, just one Javelin Bipod will work for every one of your rifles. With our universal adapter it's incredibly easy to switch your bipod from one rifle to another in just seconds.

Features include:
Wide Stance for Greater Stability
Patented Magnetic Attachment - Snap On & Off
Lives In Your Pocket, Not On Your Rifle
Space Age Carbon Fiber - No Expense Spared in Construction
Tungsten Tipped Legs for Rock & Ice

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