Falke M

Falke M
Falke M

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Falke MFalke M


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• Lightweight but very robust housing made of high-strength hard anodized aluminium.
• Hardened high-performance optics in tube-less design 23 x16mm
• Continuously precise reticule adjustment
• Dot illumination adjustable in 5 steps digitally
• 3 MOA red dot
• Dimensions: 47x30x39mm
• Weight: 40g
• Commercial CR2032 3V battery with energy saving giving approximately 270 hours of runtime
• Operating temperature from -28 ° C to + 60 ° C
• Water resistance: IPX4
• FOV at 100m: 15.7m
• Parallax from 9m
•1x magnification for rapid target acquisition
with both eyes.

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