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This is a variation on the design of the MX8 action making it wider, slightly heavier and concentrating the weight in the middle of the gun to reduce recoil. For their standard specification Trap models the barrel changes they have made have been proven to increase muzzle velocity and lessen recoil.

A significant change is the new top rib design which tapers out from 7mm at the breech to 10mm at the muzzle a reversal from normal. Reasoning is an improved field of view and faster target acquisition.

The High Tech logo is etched into the side of the burnished finished action giving a very modern look. This is enhanced by the top rib supports which are angled in the same direction and the front of the forend also replicates this angle. The stock is slightly wider at the head than the standard MX8 which again helps absorb recoil; both stock and forend are engraved with the High Tech logo.

The gun is available for all shooting disciplines and will eventually be available with the same variations as currently offered with the MX8 action but incorporating the new design and innovations e.g. adj rib etc. It is also available in Sporting but based on the fixed selective trigger MX12 action.


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