GECO .257 Magnum Recall

15th October 2019

Recall for GECO .357 Magnum FMJ

Manufacturing Codes O001, O002, O009 and N017

Despite the great care we invest in the production of our GECO® pistol and revolver cartridges, in rare cases, defects in workmanship may occur that are not noticed immediately. This applies to products with the aforementioned lot numbers. In individual cases, the load of the cartridges may not live up to GECO's usual high standards of quality and functionality, leading to malfunctions in the internal ballistics. We take these things seriously as a conscientious manufacturer of brand products, which is why we are initiating the precautionary measure of organising a recall to prevent possible injuries or damage.


The recall only applies to:

GECO .357 Magnum FMJ - item no.: 2317720
with the manufacturing codes O001, O002, O009 and N017

You will find the manufacturing code on the inside of the 50 round box lid. The recall does not refer to any other manufacturing codes.


We politely request that you check your stocks of cartridges with the aforementioned batch numbers and return them back to your dealer. Naturally, you will receive free replacements.

If you have any questions please email us on

We regret the inconvenience and are extremely grateful for your understanding.