New Perazzi 2020

3rd August 2018
New Perazzi 2020


2020 – The Next Champion


In honor of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics the new HT2020 with its unique, modern engraving is set to take the shooting world by storm.


As a celebration of their unrivalled history in Olympic shooting competitions and in honor of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Perazzi are proud to unveil the new High Tech 2020


From Ennio Mattarelli’s Gold in Tokyo 1964 to the Rio 2016 Olympics, Perazzi shooters have won more medals than any other marque; a grand total of 54 since Perazzi’s first Olympic appearance in 1964. The London 2012 Olympics saw Perazzi taking an incredible 12 of the 15 top medals, with our own Peter Wilson taking Gold in Men’s Double Trap, and they are setting their sights just as high for 2020.


And the reason Perazzi performs so well? 


Buying a Perazzi is not like picking up any gun off of the shelf, when buying a Perazzi you have the option of a completely bespoke service allowing you to choose from thousands of options to design the gun that is perfect for you and the only extra is the time taken to build it. This means your gun is made to feel exactly right for you, an extension of your arm – and this is why it is the choice of champions. Though the differences may be subtle, almost indefinable – a few millimeters here and a few grams there – the improvement in the handling and feel is significant and undeniable.


Customers are even encouraged to visit the Perazzi factory to be fitted and choose their own wood blank, costing only what you wish to pay on flights, accommodation and food; This personal involvement makes owning a Perazzi not just an incomparable purchase but an ultimate experience too. The Perazzi experience.


The new High Tech 2020 is available in both High Tech and High Tech Sporting versions; this gun with its distinctive engraving, offers all the usual Perazzi advantages.


The Perazzi High Tech has quickly gained a winning reputation for itself since its launch in 2015. The action is based on the legendary MX8, which took shooting to a new level in 1968 and is certainly the most successful competition shotgun of recent times in World and Olympic Championships.


The High Tech is the perfect blend of modern design and classic elegance, with the expertise of 60 years of Perazzi experience making it the definitive choice for the serious shooter.


Why wait until 2020 when you can be part of the future of shooting now with the High Tech 2020!


Perazzi - the choice of champions!




Gauge: 12G


Barrel Length: 70-72-75-78-80 cm or Bespoke


Chokes: Fixed or multichoke


Top Rib: Flat 7x10mm, Ramped 11x11mm or Stepped 11x7mm


Trigger Group: removable or fixed groups


Stock and forend: HT 2020 Design – standard, custom or adjustable on request.

Forend HT2020 Design.