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2nd June 2017
Batch Testing August 7th - 12th inclusive! Batch Testing August 7th - 12th inclusive!

We are holding batch testing sessions at Bisley from Monday 7th August through to Saturday 12th August.To book your slot get in touch with our office on 01579 362319 or email us on... Read more

19th May 2017
Shooting Industry Awards

We are pleased to announce that this year our products won two of the Shooting Industry Awards! Kahles 10x42 Binoculars won Best Binocular category. Norma .243 75g V-max won Best... Read more

8th November 2016
Zara Roberts shoots 200/200! Zara Roberts shoots 200/200!

While training at the England Academy this weekend Zara Roberts shot this perfect 20 group scoring 200/200! Zara Roberts and RWS R50 ammunition, what a winning combination!  Read more

6th September 2016
Richard Wilson wins with RWS R50 and Anschutz!

Huge congratulations to Richard Wilson who won the Earl Roberts Final 2016 at Bisley this weekend! Richard used the same RWS R50 ammunition that he batch tested with us at Bisley... Read more

10th August 2016

Congratulations to Dan at Braces Shooting and Country Supplies who wins the monthly DORR prize of a pair of binoculars for best photo captured on a DORR trailcam. The image was captured... Read more

18th July 2016
RUAG sponsors The Derby Open with RWS ammunition.

RUAG and RWS ammunition are proud to have sponsored the Derby Open. Held at the Derby Rifle & Pistol Club's own complex near Twyford, South of Derby, the event attracted competitors... Read more

12th June 2012
Updated Cookies Policy

In order to comply with the EU law on cookies we have updated our "Cookies & Privacy Policy". You can view this new policy by clicking the link below: Cookies & Privacy Policy... Read more