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30th October 2018
Congratulations to Jonathan!

Congratulations to Jonathan Andrews for his great success at Bisley in August this year.     He achieved brilliant results in the Earl Roberts final 2018. Read more

20th September 2018
Congratulations Isabel Moore! Congratulations Isabel Moore!

Congratulations Isabel Moore for her success at the ISSF World Championships.   Isabel was selected to attend the ISSF World Championships in Changwon, South Korea representing... Read more

14th September 2018
Congratulations Zara!

Congratulations to Zara Roberts for her amazing success at Bisley this year. Bisley 2018 Achievements - 1st - A class Grand Aggregate for Codrington Memorial Challenge Trophy Promotion... Read more

3rd August 2018
New Perazzi 2020 New Perazzi 2020

  2020 – The Next Champion   In honor of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics the new HT2020 with its unique, modern engraving is set to take the shooting world by storm.   As... Read more

25th July 2018
Batch Testing

  FREE RWS Batch Testing Sunday 12th to Saturday 18th August 2018at NSRA Bisley   Limited spaces still availableContact us to book now!     Read more

6th April 2018
Free Rimfire Ammunition Trial

  THE AMMUNITION COUNTS   TARGET SHOOTERS, are you using the best possible ammunition for your rifle? It's difficult to know, if only you could try all the available... Read more

21st March 2018
Anschutz Medal Clean Sweep

Congratulations to Anschutz for their success at the Winter Games 2018. Every single Biathlon shooting medal at the recent games was won using an Anschutz rifle!   Read more

12th June 2012
Updated Cookies Policy

In order to comply with the EU law on cookies we have updated our "Cookies & Privacy Policy". You can view this new policy by clicking the link below: Cookies & Privacy Policy... Read more