DD Optics Binoculars

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Available in: 7x42 - DDO4401000018x42 - DDO44010000210x42 - DDO4401000038.5x50 - DDO44010000410x50 - DDO44010000512x50 - DDO440100006
EDX Fieldstar
Classic binoculars with unprecedented attributes, built with lightweight construction technology & have a excellent field of view unique for this category of binoculars. They feature an extremely small size, simple operability & extreme sturdiness. Available in 8x30 or 10x30 8x30 - DDO44010000710x30 - DDO440100008  
Available in: 8x42 - DDO44010000910x42 - DDO440100010
Some of the brightest binoculars in the world. Available in: 8x42 - DDO44015001210x42 - DDO44015001310x50 - DDO44015001412x50 - DDO440150015
LUX-HR "Pocket"
Some of the brightest pocket binoculars in the world, now pocket sized. Available in: 8x25 - DDO44015001010x25 - DDO440150011
Kolibri (Hummingbird)
Power in miniature The Kolibri fits in almost every jacket pocket! Just one look and these small binoculars show their true strength. Available in: 8x42 - DDO44012003110x42 - DDO440120032  
The universal hiking and stalk hunting binoculars. Small, light, handy and high-performance. Available in: 8x34 - DDO44012000110x34 - DDO440120028x42 - DDO4401200310x42 - DDO440120048x50 - DDO4401200910x50 - DDO4401200512x50 - DDO44012006
Nightfall (Nightfalke) Gen 2.1
Nachtfalke (Nightfall) Ergo 8x56Gen 2.1 inc. Hardcase - dielectrical mirrors- brightest binoculars of the EDX series for the night hunt- ED glass with low dispersion- good fringe acuity- ideal for moon- and backlight- bright and rich in contrasts- robust and suited for all weather The high-luminosity all round binoculars 8x56  
Nightfall (Nightfalke) Gen 3.1
The light-intensive binoculars for the night hunt - dielectrical mirror- brightest binoculars of the Ergo series for the night hunt- CT glass with low dispersion- good fringe acuity- ideal for moon- and backlight- rich in luminosity and contrasts- price-performance ratio specialist- robust and suitable for all weather Available in: 8x56 - DDO44012001010x56 - DDO44012001112x56 - DDO44012001215x56...
Pirschler: Gen 3
- rubber armoring- binoculars with ABBE KÖNIG prisms- indestructible magnesium (mg) metal casing- oculars and eye cups made of metal- focusing wheel and separated diopter made of metal- entirely new optics with CT glass- significantly ameliorated resolution- best grip design for slip resistance- raindefender nano-lotus coating Available in: 8x45 - DDO44193084510x45 - DDO4419310458x56 - DDO441930856...
Kaleu HDX Compass
KALEU 7x50 HDX COMPASS - binoculars with integrated compass display- big fringe acute field of view- high light transmission values- no flare light- Porro prism- very high image resolution- sturdy metal casing- 135m Field of view Perfect as marine or outdoor binoculars for hiking and expeditions.  
Monocular Monolite 8x32 ED - 145m field of view - wide angle ocular- ED glass - full apochromate- barium crownglass prisms- phase coated- dielectrical mirror - robust duraluminium, water pressure tight casing- optimized DDlucid-FMC coating- light weight - only about 250g & only 12cm in length Brilliant image quality despite its compactness - the optical components ensure maximum brightness and...